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New Zealand trusts and limited partnerships can be effectively used as tax, investment, asset protection and succession planning vehicles for families and individuals with assets located outside of New Zealand. They can also be used by institutions as vehicles to hold investments and/or carry out transactional activity.

New Zealand trusts and limited partnerships can be exempt from tax in New Zealand. Provided the settlor or limited partner is not resident in New Zealand and there is no New Zealand sourced income then the trust or limited partnership will not be subject to tax in New Zealand on its worldwide income.

In nearly every respect New Zealand trusts and limited partnerships can achieve the same results as comparable vehicles in "offshore" financial centres. However, New Zealand is an OECD and FATF member jurisdiction which is not subject to any "blacklists" and enjoys political, economic and social stability.

New Zealand legislation and regulations also allow settlors, beneficiaries and limited partners to enjoy a level of confidentiality and retain a measure of control.

New Zealand trusts and limited partnerships can be accessed directly through a qualified professional service provider such as Helmores Wealth.

It is also increasingly desirable for trust companies operating in the traditional "offshore" finance centres to diversify their jurisdictional footprint by establishing a wholly owned subsidiary trust company in New Zealand which is managed by a firm such as Helmores Wealth.
More detailed information about New Zealand trusts, limited partnerships and managed trust companies is available on request.